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BeatCore is a strength and resistance training method that improves your physical condition. In our sessions all muscle groups are worked in a slow and controlled way. You will experience all the possibilities that our “beatformer” machine offers, maintaining a continuous rhythm and eliminating breaks from conventional training. This is a high-intensity, low-impact session: a combination of strength, cardio and resistance.


50 minutes


Full Body


Groups of maximum 7 people


With the aim of offering a variety of training, we were inspired by the 90's female R&B group Salt-N-Pepa to design our sessions.

The method is designed to work different muscle groups depending on the type of session, which will vary exercises monthly to add dynamism.


SALT sessions are focused on working the muscle groups of the anterior face and the anterior lateral part of the body.

Chest (1), Biceps (2), Quadriceps (3), Gluteus medius (4), and Abductors (5).


PEPA sessions are focused on working all the muscle groups on the back of the body intensely.

Rotator Cuff (6), Hamstrings (10), Back (8), Gluteus Maximus (9), and Triceps (7).


The SALT-N-PEPA sessions are focused on working all the muscle groups involved in our SALT and PEPA sessions in a completely compensated way by incorporating high intensity intervals (HIIT).

the goal of the beatcore method

The objective of our method is for the client to work all muscle groups in a dynamic way through strength, muscular resistance and cardiovascular work. This combination of work will allow us to accelerate our metabolism increasing muscle mass, while losing body fat strong>  guaranteeing fast, safe and effective results.

Out tool:

The Beatformer

At BeatCore we work with our beatformer. Our exclusive machine is inspired by the traditional Pilates “reformer”. It is made up of two pulleys and a central platform that moves between two other fixed platforms located at the ends. The platforms are linked by a spring system of 8 adjustable resistances that allow the user to customize the weight and intensity of each exercise.